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Utility MQ2Status

Valid Status options are:
/status help - will give you all the available options
/status will output to eqbc/dannet: If we have a CWTN Class Plugin loaded, if we have a macro, if our macro is kiss - it will say what our role is, if we are paused, if we are hidden, and if we have a merc that is alive.
/status aa: Reports how many "banked" AA points you have.
/stat achievement: <name|#> Reports if you have completed an achievement by name|id. Keep in mind this will report the 1st match it finds - in the case of names, it would report Hunter of Cobalt Scar from scars of velious and not from tears of veeshan
/status aaxp: Reports to eqbc our Spent AA, our AAXP %, and our Banked AA.
/status achievement: Reports if an achievement is completed, or what components are missing.
-- /status achievement <#/name> (need exact name) or just /status achievement and get reported your achievement points
/status bagspace: Reports how many open bag spaces you have.
/status campfire: Reports campfire information including Active, Duration, and Zone.
/status collected <exact item name>: reports if you have collected a shiny be *exact name*
/status currency <currency name>: Reports how many of an alt currency you have.
/stats evolving <item name> (accepts partial) - Reports the evolving status on an item.
/status fellowship: This returns to your mq2window (does not eqbc/dannet) information on your fellowship
/status gtribute: or guildtribute: Displays if your current Guild Tribute Status is On or Off and the current Guild Favor
/status invis: Reports our Invis and IVU status, so we can check we are \"Double Invis\".
/status item <item name>: reports how many item name you have in your inventory.
/status itembank <item name>: reports how many item name you have in your bank.
/status itemall <item>: reports how many item name you have in your bank + inventory combined.
/status krono: Reports how many krono we have.
/status login: Reports your login account name.
/status merc: Reports mercenary information including class, and role.
/status macro: Reports what macro you currently have running.
/status money or plat: Reports how much plat you have.
/status parcel: Reports our \"Parcel\" status.
/status powersource: Reports our powersource status.
/status quest <name> or task <name>: Reports if you have a quest/task matching Quest name.
/status queststep <name> or taskstep <name>: Reports what step you are on matching Quest name.
/status show: Allows toggling on/off of the CWTN Class Plugins to be visible during /status.
/status skill <skill name>: reports out your current skill value for skill name.
/status stat <option>: reports the following options to eqbc: Hdex, HStr, HSta, HInt, HAgi, HWis, HCha, HPS, Mana, Endurance, Luck, Weight.
/status sub: Reports to eqbc our subscription level, and if we are gold, how many days are left.
/status tribute: Displays if your current Tribute Status is On or Off and the current Favor
/status xp: Reports to eqbc our level, Current XP %, Banked AA, and our AAXP %.
/status zone: Reports what zone we are in.