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Utility MQ2Status

Pretty much everything I needed including partial searches (eg: /dgga /status item memory)
5 stars - quality of life upgrade
I don't know why it took me so long to find this or how I survived without it. One of the best little efficiency plugins ever.
the quickest way to figure out what my toons are missing without tabbing through them all. SO HELPFUL! A daily use case for me.
This is awesome. Just found it... surprised it isn't baked into to Vanilla (enabled by default).
Amazing addition, Saves me hours of time rummaging through my boxes for that one thing I need. Also lets me keep my subs and Krono usage organized!
Super useful plugin. No more flipping screen to screen to see which toon didn't start their macro/plugin or was still paused.

The quick counts of items in inventory is great on zerkers too, can see how many axe components everybody has in a quick report to your MQ2 window.