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Utility MQ2SlotColors 2021-05-14

Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server

MQ2SlotColors -a RedGuides exclusive plugin
MQ2SlotColors changes the color of your bag slots depending on the type of item, making sorting much easier. Right now it handles tradeskill and quest items, with more to come.

If we hit 60 sales, more colors will be added for different item types and this plugin will be included free with Very Vanilla.


Default colors
Tradeskill: yellow
Quest: purple

Download the zip file and extract it to your /Release folder.
IMPORTANT: You will need to re-download it after every patch or you'll crash.

To load MQ2SLotColors,
/plugin mq2slotcolors
/loadskin default

To configure,
/slotcolors queston - turns on quest item color
/slotcolors tradeskillon - turns on tradeskill item color
/slotcolors q | qr | ts | tsr - to change item colors

$10 one-time fee, lifetime updates. After 50 sales MQ2SlotColors will become free for all level 2 users, with additional colors.

Try before you buy:
MQ2SlotColors is included for free in Very Vanilla Test Server.
First release
Last update
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