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Unmaintained MQ2Slave

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Tell windows must be enabled for this plugin to work. Options > General > Use Tell Windows

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Inspired by Fibby's MQ2MasterMind. MQ2Mastermind was good because it let me control my bots,
and have them run macros w/o actually looking at that screen and manually fiddle with buttons.
I found I would also have situations where I'd want friends to control my toons,
for situations where one of us would fall asleep etc...but MQ2MasterMind only allows 1 controller.

The next problem is each time the bot is run, you need to resend the password. When someone sends a blank password, like many do in eq,
it would accept it. Not good for a random person checking to see if you've zoned sees "I will do you bidding".

I made MQ2Slave to address all these issues.
To start it, type /plugin mq2slave
To add someone named "Mrmath" to the master list, type /addmaster mrmath
To remove "Mrmath" from the master list, you need to type /remmaster Mrmath
*Note* removing masters is case sensitive, adding them is not.
That is all there is to it, if any of the masters in the .ini file send the slave a tell starting with / then the slave will do it.

The list of masters is saved in the MQ2Slave.ini file which is completely customized the first time you run MQ2Slave and is edited via eq (you don't have to open the .ini file).
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