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Utility MQ2Relocate 2020-12-08

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Added Di`Zok Escape Staff to /relocate evac. Bugfixes.
Updated to ensure we fall to the secondary anchor. Added a check to ensure we don't have the anchor in our inventory - @Sic
  • We will now twist off if we are a bard and we have mq2twist loaded
  • Removed RelocateFunctions.cpp as everything is now inside MQ2Relocate.cpp
  • Added FindPlugin and IAmBard functions
Moved all functions into the plugin directly so anyone can compile from source, code cleaned up - @Sic
Updated /relocate crystal for ToV pre-order item "Froststone Crystal Resonator", cleaned up coding.
Updated /relocate fellowship to make you visible before you click fellowship insignia
  • Updates to add lobby, blood, evac, teleport, and translocate to /relocate
  • Updates to add /translocate command with current target or name