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Utility MQ2PvPAlert 1.0

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by Naes

When someone zones into you, this plugin can do the following:

  • Chat window message
  • LDoN/Task popup
  • Audio triggers


Now with military timestamps


This plugin is clearly very useful on Zek, but I can see it being useful on PvE servers as well if you are doing stuff and need to know if someone else zones in.

Known issues:
When you first zone in to a new zone, the message box will say they zoned into the old zone. (e.g. You zone to guildlobby, it'll say all the people in guildlobby just zoned into PoK). This is due to OnAddSpawn() being called before OnZoned(). It has no effect however if you are already in a zone and someone new zones into it (will display correctly).
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