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Combat Assist MQ2Monk 2554

i think the reasons i love monk so much is something that needs to be played, having been a monk main for 11 years of my EQ life. that being said, this does a great job at the dps, losing agro while maintaining dps and keeping all the gadgets used asap! it isn't fair to ask automation to do more!
Great out of the box monk. I main my monk and have for years, it's one of the few in my crew I really know how to play. I get about the same DPS as when I am playing just him and actually trying. Except, I don't have to try. IMO if you don't have a monk, go Rog or Zerk instead. However, I already had a monk so it was great for me.
Had this Macro for over a year, and the love the ease of use that this and the many other macros that CWTN and Sic create. Worth every penny! Even pulls the mobs to your group!
Does a kick-ass job! Gives my zerker a run for his money!
This is a must have plugin. It makes things so simple and easy.
totally loving this, i main a monk and this just simplifies everything. thank you very much!
It's awesome!
Love it..anyway you can add a return to fellowship camp toggle
I love the easy mode changes and setup hud. Definitely a great plugin and one I highly recommend!
HUGE group dps improvement. Running 2 monks in a group that never would out dps my other groups that now are always doing it!
Major boost in dps even not being in burn mode. Updated constantly. a Win Win