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Utility MQ2Gmail

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Software Requirements
Gmail account
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
After months of development we proudly present MQ2Gmail.

All you need is a Gmail account and you can tell MQ2 to Email or text you using the NEW /gmail command

DEAD and want a text?
Rich (BB code):
/if (${Me.Hovering}) /gmail "I died. Get back over here and rez me"
Level 95 and time to move to a better XP zone and want an email?
Rich (BB code):
/if (${Me.Level}==95) /gmail "Hey everything is green and I Need XP"
Want a text if that GM pops by?
Rich (BB code):
/if (${SpawnCount[GM]}>=1) /gmail "Hey dummy you are about to be banned"
MQ2Gmail uses all the latest encrypted email protocols to make your messaging safe.

Quick setup instructions.

1. Open your favorite Web Browser

2. Create a Gmail account

3. Login into your Gmail account

4. Open Everquest with MQ2 loaded

5. Open options - Ctrl O

6. Select the Keys tab

7. Select All in the Select Category drop-down menu - Yellow arrow in image

8. Scroll down until you find Paste From Clipboard - red Arrow in image above

Remember the command or Assign this shortcut command something you will remember.
You will need it to cut and paste a very long authorization code

9. Load the plugin
Rich (BB code):
/plugin mq2gmail
This will create the mq2gmail.ini file inside your MQ2 Release folder
Rich (BB code):
10. Edit your mq2gmail.ini file in your favorite text editor
Rich (BB code):
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    Subject=Message from Norrath
11. Create a hot key called mq2gmail. The message needs to be in quotes ""
Rich (BB code):
/gmail "Test from EverQuest"
12. Press the hot key

This will open the Mq2Gmail Auth code box in EverQuest and it will open a new window in your web browser

13. Goto the new widow in your browser and Click the Allow button

13. Copy the long ass code from the page

15. Go back to everquest and Paste the code into the Auth box and hit ok

16. Hit your gmail hot key again and it should send the message



Gmail usage:
/gmail <FromEmailAddress> <ToEmailAddress> "<Subject>" "<Message>"
Rich (BB code):
/gmail [email protected] [email protected] "Hi There" "This is a message"

Do not use colons : or semi colons ; in your messages. They will cause a blank email due to being reserved email punctuation.

the /gmail command works backwards from the default info in the ini file.

It is has 1 parameter it will send it as the MESSAGE and pick the rest from the ini file
Rich (BB code):
/gmail  "<Message>"
It is has 2 parameters it will send it as the SUBJECT and MESSAGE and pick the rest from the ini file
Rich (BB code):
/gmail "<Subject>" "<Message>"
It is has 3 parameters it will send it as the TO ADDRESS, SUBJECT and MESSAGE and pick the rest from the ini file
Rich (BB code):
/gmail  <ToEmailAddress> "<Subject>" "<Message>"
It is has 4 parameters it will send it as the GMAIL ADDRESS, TO ADDRESS, SUBJECT and MESSAGE and pick the rest from the ini file
Rich (BB code):
/gmail <FromEmailAddress> <ToEmailAddress> "<Subject>" "<Message>"

Here is a list of the major mobile phone companies that allow email to text - Thanks William12
Use these in the ToEmailAddress= if you want to text yourself instead of email

AT&T &#8211; [email protected]
Sprint &#8211; [email protected]
T-Mobile &#8211; [email protected]
Verizon &#8211; [email protected]
All Tell &#8211; [email protected]
Boost &#8211; [email protected]
Cellular South &#8211; [email protected]
Centennial Wireless &#8211; [email protected]
Cincinnati Bell &#8211; [email protected]
Cricket Wireless &#8211; [email protected]
Metro PCS &#8211; [email protected]
Powertel &#8211; [email protected]
Qwest &#8211; [email protected]
Rogers &#8211; [email protected]
Suncom &#8211; [email protected]
Telus &#8211; [email protected]
U.S. Cellular &#8211; [email protected]
Virgin Mobile USA &#8211; [email protected]
Google Fi - [email protected] - thanks Panda
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