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Utility MQ2DPSAdv 2020-01-15

Make columns sizeable again. -ChatWithThisName
(ChatWithThisName) columns will now save/load their place.
Add SDPS (Damage Per Second over duration of entire fight. to the DPS Output Column in (parentheses) Update Debug output for OnIncomingChat colors to strip links so that the output shows the entire incoming Line of text. Added more information for Color 289 to reflect spell failures.
-Fixed Anonymizing names in the DPSAdv window. While it was in fact changing them, it was also somehow changing your caption, and if you turned off anon the modification was remaining using Anonymize function of MQ2Utilities.
-Added new Column "%", will output your percentage of the total damage done to the NPC.
Add Timer for individuals and total, including matching color scheme for outputs to the window.

Fixed crash in SplitStringNonMelee where MobEnd would exceed the size of MobName by ensuring it's within the capacity of it's container, and false out if it's not. - @ChatWithThisName
Allow for anonymizing entity names in DPSAdv window for Group, Raid, Target, and yourself in the DPSAdv output window.
Added 2 new colors for Others DoTs and Others Non-Melee
Changed the color of your DoTs
Fixed DoTs and Non-Melee Damage for self and others
Added "shoot" for YourHits and "shoots" for OtherHits to parse.