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Utility MQ2Boxr

Other Authors
Sidien, dannuic
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Wiki Manual

2021, 2023 ESA Winner
This plugin provides a unified way to control boxes running CWTN plugins, KissAssist, MuleAssist, rgmercs, and Entropy. The idea is to have one common command, which can be broadcast (over EQBC or DanNet) to all boxed characters, regardless of what they are running.

For instance, to order rest of group to chase, over EQBC: /bcg //boxr chase. To pause all toons in zone, over DanNet: /dgza /boxr pause

List of commands

/boxr PausePause the character
/boxr UnpauseUnpause the character
/boxr CampCamp in one spot, assist the MA within camp radius, and return to camp after battle
/boxr ChaseChase the MA, and assist in battle
/boxr ManualDo not chase, do not return to camp. This state behaves a little bit different between different boxes, see Specifics below
/boxr BurnNowBurn current target
/boxr RaidAssistNum <1|2|3>Toggles which Raid MA the character will assist. Currently not available in emulator clients
/boxr Debug <on|off>Turn on/off debug logging for MQ2Boxr. This command is not relayed to the combat assists
/boxr HelpPrint help text


The following sections document how each boxr command maps to the different plugins/macros.

Boxr has a key for each automation, which is listed after the name in the following sections. This key is currently only used to identify the current automation in the TLO (see below).

CWTN plugins (cwtn)

The mapping to CWTN commands is very straight-forward (the examples use /war, but the plugin will use the appropriate command for the box's class).

Boxr commandAction
Camp/war mode assist
Chase/war mode chase
Manual/war mode manual
BurnNow/war BurnNow
RaidAssistNum <N>/war RaidAssistNum <N>

KissAssist (kissassist)

Boxr commandAction
Camp/camphere on
/camphere off
RaidAssistNum <N>/switchma <Name of Raid MA #N>

rgmercs (rgmercs)

Boxr commandAction
Camp/rg camphard
Chase/rg chaseon
Manual/rg chaseoff
/rg campoff
BurnNowNot supported
RaidAssistNum <N>/rg AssistOutside 1
/rg OutsideAssistList <Name of Raid MA #N>

MuleAssist (muleassist)

Boxr commandAction
Camp/camphere on
/camphere off
RaidAssistNum <N>/changema <Name of Raid MA #N>

Entropy (entropy)

Boxr commandAction
Camp/tie off
/home set on
Chase/tie on
Manual/env auto off
BurnNow/burn force on
Will burn until force burn is toggled off again.
RaidAssistNum <N>/cc ass smart <N>

XGen (xgen)​

Boxr commandAction
Camp/cc camp on
/cc follow off
Chase/cc follow
/cc camp off
Manual/cc manual
BurnNow/cc burnonce
RaidAssistNum <N>/cc setassist <N>

AlsoKissAssist (alsokissassist)​

Boxr commandAction
Camp/camphere on
/camphere off
BurnNow/burn on doburn
RaidAssistNum <N>/switchma <Name of Raid MA #N>


MQ2Boxr provides a TLO, Boxr, which exposes the following data:

${Boxr.Current}StringKey of the automation that is controlling the tooncwtn, enthropy, kissassist, etc
${Boxr.Paused}BooleanIndicates whether the automation is currently pausedTRUE, FALSE
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[git] Automation options?
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Latest reviews

Simple and straightforward! Nice one!
This is pretty straightforward and is utilized by Grouper (which I also recommend).. A Great way to get some quickly smart alias command for use on many different macro implementations. RECOMMENDED!
Siden's plugin isn't a necessity, but it is a huge convenience. While you should know the commands across different plugins and macros to run your characters, this helps clean it all up and simplifies your group controls.