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Utility MQ2AutoLoot 1.12

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@plure Fixed a bug when distributing loot and no one wanted the item, it would screw up the next item to be looted.
(Plure) Fixed for the new loot message when passing out loot
Fixed a bug that would cause MQ2AutoLoot to initialize only during the first login on an account per session.
Made it so /autoloot sell/buy/deposit/barter will still work when the plugin's looting functionality has been turned off
  1. MQ2Autoloot will now use greed instead of need.
  2. Non-ML characters will now check how many items have been selected need/greed and will pause checking boxes when that is equal to their free inventory number. Before they went through the whole list as long as they had one open slot. This should fix the issue with non-ML characters getting items stuck on their cursors.
  3. Fixed a bug with passing out loot that would cause the wrong item to be distributed.
  4. Fixed a bug that caused items to be passed out when they shouldn't have.
  5. Fixed an issue when your ML has a lore item in parcels and the item dropped and your ML wanted it, this was due to the lore check not being able to determine what is stored in parcels. Tone, stop using parcels for storage.
  6. Fixed some issues with NewItemDelay. The ML is now the only one that can create new loot entries while the advanced looting window is open if NewItemDelay > 0. This fixes the issue where a non-ML toon creates the entry before the ML does, thus not giving you time to determine what to do with the item. Non-ML characters will check after all the items are cleared to make sure that their is an entry for new items, this will solve any issues related to using multiple loot ini files.
Fixed several crashes related to /AutoLoot sell.
  1. When items are marked “destroy” MQ2Autoloot will ignore your “SaveBagSlots” limit and will keep looting and destroying items. This means that if you want to clear all the corpses in your camp your loot.ini needs to have SaveBagSlots greater then 0.
  2. There is a new loot setting. “NewItemDelay”, this allows people who are playing manually to pass out any new items before the plugin decides where they go. The command to change this setting is: /AutoLoot newitemdelay #n -> Master looter waits #n seconds when a new item drops before looting that item.
  3. Fixed CTD related to “/autoloot buy “Item Name” #Quantity” command.
  4. Removed the patterns code stuff by eqholic, it was only implemented for people not grouped. Since no one was using it, I pulled the code out.
Fixed a feature where if you were wearing an item marked destroy, it would find the one being wore and destroy that one rather then the one in your inventory.

Requested Updates

  • Rather then have an absolute path in your MQ2AutoLoot.ini, use a relative path. -- I don't see any real issues with doing this, if anyone has any objections let me know.

  • Add the item setting "Tribute". These would be items used for tribute and program in /AutoLoot Tribute which would turn them in. -- This isn't really super high on my agenda unless we have alot of people clamoring for this.

Known Issues
  • The /autoloot sell has an issue where it will attempt to sell too fast and the merchant isn't ready. I've got a version that seems to solve the issue. It seems I've solved the issue by increasing the delay between selecting the item and attempting to sell the item, this isn't really satisfactory but it is what it is at this point.
Fixed an issue with /autoloot sell. It was trying to sell before the merchant was done with the previous sale, which caused it to act all buggy.
Added the ability to handle looting while it in a raid.
/AutoLoot raidloot [on|off] -> Toggle raid looting on and off
Default is off.
Major rewrite of how MQ2AutoLoot handles sell/barter/deposit. They create their own thread now rather then do things every pulse. This should fix an issue with barter bugging out if you are casting a spell when trying to click sell. Also it just makes me happier to push these into their own thread rather then have them do things every pulse etc.
Fixed an issue that Chatwiththisname brought up that caused it to be bugged out when an item was marked to autoroll and had timed out. It would spam the loot action over and over again locking up your mouse etc.