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Unmaintained Maskoi's Ultimate Monk Trainer 1.5

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MQ2Melee (Gets disabled)
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🏢 Live Test
Maskoi's Ultimate Monk Trainer v 1.5 updated 1/12/2017

I wrote Monk Trainer to specifically train monk's special abilities. The macro recognizes the monks level and skills levels and will only train those abilities it finds. It only concentrates on special attacks Kick, Mend, Intimidation, Round Kick, Tiger Claw, Feign Death, Eagle Strike, Dragon Punch (Tail Rake), Flying Kick.

Inspired by an earlier thread discussing raising melee skills by dueling pet classes.

The macro requires Mq2MoveUtils and disables MQ2melee so it can train all skills in a specific order

How to use with pet class or someone else's merc and /duel:
1. Make sure you have hot key for all of your abilities somewhere.
2. Group with a Cleric merc and a pet class or a toon with their merc about the same level so it is light blue/blue to you.
3. Find a secluded spot in a zone where no one will bug you not PoK, GL or GH.
4. Target each other and /d for duel.
5. Target the pet or merc and type /mac monktrainer.
6. Have the pet or merc attack if you want to raise defensive skills.

How to use with your own Cleric Merc in Arena:
The Arena is a public PVP zone. You can easily be seen or worse killed by other players while AFK.
Make sure you have hot key for all of your abilities somewhere.
1. Goto the Arena Zone with your cleric merc. Stone is in neutral area of PoK
2. Enter the Arena
3. Set your merc to Efficient or Balanced
4. Target your merc
5. Type /mac monktrainer

Version 1.3 10/10/2012
~Fixed error that stalled macro waiting for cleric merc to med while dueling a pet or merc.

Version 1.2 10/08/2012
~Added Cleric Mercenary in Area support
~Added low mana check and pause for merc so monk doesn't kill cleric.

Version 1.1 10/07/2012
~Fixed macro stalling while waiting for skills to refresh.
~Added fix for macro to display Tail Rake for Iksar monks instead of Dragon Punch.
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