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[Macro] Lockpick.mac

Trade / Skill [Macro] Lockpick.mac 2021-08-25

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🏢 Live Test
This will skill up your lock picking skill

Skill 1 to 452 in a few seconds at level 109 in Plane of Tranquility.

|Step 1: Stand in front of the door you wish to pick the lock on for skilling up purposes.
|Step 2: Open all your bags. This step isn't technically nessesary, but will help with Step 3.
|Step 3: Hover your mouse cursor over the door you wish to pick. If a bag is in the way, move it.
|Step 4: /mac lockpick
|Step 6: Enjoy your new skill.
First release
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4.89 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. quick itemnotify fix

    quick itemnotify fix
  2. Nothing changes honestly.

    Just some minor code cleanup. I looked at the macro in an attempt to confirm user reports...

Latest reviews

holy crap, you said a minute, but I went from 0-450 in like 20 seconds if that. great macro!
30 seconds maxed my skill. Gaved me 15 min of clicking thanks.
This is macro is awesome lol; I was just blown away how fast it skilled up. If only there was a macro for every skill that leveled up skills this fast lol
Worked Great! SUPER better then sitting there for hours clicking every minute or so as you have to wait for button to refresh.
Man, /mac lockpick is Awesome, just hover over the PoT book on the table and 441/441 in like 2 min. Great Mac guys!!!
My 55 Rogue went from 21 to 256 Lock Picking in about 2 minutes at the PoT book near the zone in. MQ2AutoLoot kept dumping my LockPicks back into my bags. If MQ2AutoLoot was disabled it would have taken less than a minute to level my LP skillz.
Worked great! Just run /mac lockpick1 and it will stop, as long as you don't have another .mac named that.
that was super fast and i was very happy with it. Macro wouldn't stop though so i had to delete the mac to end it. Otherwise it was great.