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[Macro] CheckBarter.mac

Utility [Macro] CheckBarter.mac 2019-07-02

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🏢 Live Test
This simple utility will check all the items available to the barter window to see if there is a buy line, and if you set a SellPrice greater than 1 in the INI it will automatically sell it for you.
  • It will compare the buyer's paying price to the vendor value. If the vendor value is greater it will not report anything.
  • It currently only reports that there were buy lines found and the value of the highest paying price
  • It doesn't report at the end, rather it reports it as the information is found Reduced the spam!
  • This can be run from any zone. So there's no need to leave the location you're at to sell.
  • Has an exclusion list

Usage: /mac CheckBarter

INI is CheckBarterSellList.ini
First release
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