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Utility LazyLobbyRez 2020-02-14

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Other Authors
TreeHugginDruid and Sic
Server Type
Live, Test Server
Originally LazyLobbyRez by TreeHuginDruid and the idea of updates from Sic. This uses Throne of Heroes if available or Origin, MQ2Nav and MQ2EasyFind. Must have mesh generated for at least Plane of Knowledge, Sunrise Hills, Crescent Reach, Blightfire Moors and Guild Lobby. Also, enough platinum to purchase a soulstone. (requires owning a mercenary high enough to cast rez) Will un-suspend mercenary to rez, however Suspend Merc and Camp out options are commented out. If you would like to suspend the merc and campout after buffs, you will need to uncomment those two lines. Place the file in your macros folder and run /mac lazylobbyrez
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