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Trade / Skill ItemSorter 2020-06-26

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🏢 Live Test
This is my version of clearing your inventory. It works by running through lists and parceling off items.
You may setup various characters to receive items when it is found and matches a filter.
(Filter is * for any bag or need to match the bag name.)

options=collection poison

container1=Deep Caverns Collector's Case
container2=Collector's Dimensional Case

container1=Extraplanar Trade Satchel
Item1=Aberrant Poison Sac
Item2=Animal Venom
Item3=Arrow Shaft Mold
Item4=Ash Hornet Venom
Item5=Asp Poison Sac
Item6=Black Acrylia Temper

Will load the list from collection then run through the named bags and parcel off all items found to the character (collectionguy). Poison will parcel off the items matching the item names in the Extraplanar Trade Satchels to character named (scary)

The names in the example ini has being changed to protect the not so innocent.

/mac itemsort
Will do both collection and poison
/mac itemsort collection
Will only do collection

Caveats: this can be very slow if your lists is huge (like my example ini) you start it and go make coffee.
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Latest updates

  1. Sending Error

    Well version control is awesome. should use it on everything. Fixed the sending of the items.
  2. Commands to edit section entries

    To activate the edit mode /mac itemsort edit /itemsort hover/cursor add/delete section e.g...
  3. Missed an item

    Missed an item Privit to Privet