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itemsort.inc - Item Sorter.. of DOOM

Utility itemsort.inc - Item Sorter.. of DOOM 0.0.2

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Other Authors
ChatWithThisName (parcel code), Saar (typing into parcel window), A_Druid_00 (ninjadvloot author)
Server Type
🏢 Live
Note: These instructions were quickly thrown together, ask questions if any part is confusing, I'll clear it up based on FAQ

Itemsort is designed to simply.. sort your items by sending them to where you want them to go.
  • If loot master, auto loot items set to greed/need, and leave items that you set to never.
  • Bank - Fully Supported
  • Parcel - Fully Supported
  • Vault - Limited (must have existing item in vault for 0.0.1)
  • Guild Bank - Fully Supported
  • Personal Tribute - Fully Supported
  • Guild Tribute - Fully Supported
  • Loot Tracking - Partially Supported
  • Bazaar - Not yet supported
  • Walk to NPCs - Not yet supported
How to Install

Create a subfolder to where you place the itemsort.inc folder called loot. This is where loot tracking details go.
Create the following hotbuttons:
/hotbutton Begin /echo loot begin 1
/hotbutton Sell /echo loot sell 1
/hotbutton Ignore /echo loot ignore 1
/hotbutton Bank /echo loot bank playerName
/hotbutton "Guild Bank" /echo loot guildbank
/hotbutton PTribute /echo loot personaltribute 1
/hotbutton GTribute /echo loot guildtribute 1
/hotbutton Vault1 /echo loot vault 1
/hotbutton Vault2 /echo loot vault 2
/hotbutton ParcelPlayerName /echo loot parcel PlayerName
/hotbutton AutoLootON /echo advloot enable 1
/hotbutton AutoLootOFF /echo advloot disable 1

As you can already see, it is easy to customize your commands to do custom operations. I usually will label a /hotbutton "Player" /echo bank Player type command on all my toons, and know if I press it, it'll parcel and bank at that specified player.

Include the itemsort.inc file inside another macro you are running.
Add a line in your main loop to /call DoLoot, if you plan to use the auto looting feature

How to use

Simply type /echo begin 1 while a window is open, or press the Begin hotbutton noted above.

Extra Features

/echo bank <Item Name> [Qty] - Searches your bank for Item Name up to Qty (defaults to 1 if not provided) and puts them into your inventory.
/echo bank Iron Ration 10
/echo bank Guise of the Deceiver

How to convert ninjadloot's loot.ini to itemsort.inc version
Open your loot.ini and Search and replace the following phrases:
=Keep change to =Bank

Optional (useful) MQ2HUD

Add these two lines to mq2hud.ini

then in game type /loadhud loot
now, when an item is on your cursor, you'll get text below it telling you where it will go.
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Latest updates

  1. Variable checks and /echo bank item name

    Added sanity checks for some variables and a new "grab from bank" command noted on main page...