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Work in Progress Progg - Progression Framework - TDS (70%), SoD (10%) + more v0.0.4

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This is a progression framework. This is the first release, and will be an ongoing project.

Currently, working a mix of TDS partisans (needed for explorer achievement), and SoD progression (needed for type 3's for optimal rogues/berserkers dps).

At this time, the flow is:

> With TDS, Interact with an NPC and obtain a quest. (SoD does this automatically via /mac progg/progg sod)
> /mac progg/progg tds
> watch carefully as your character auto completes task objectives, and assist it if it gets stuck (I don't bother doing combines yet either), you should /endmacro if it has any hiccups or bad choices.
> if you end the macro, start it up again, and it will gracefully resume where you left off via /mac progg/progg tds

Tasks supported:
-- TDS --
> Tempest Temple: A Rising Storm (untested), Gathering Clouds (complete), Clearer Skies (complete)
> Katta Castrum: Deluge: The Pellarus Satum (not done), The Edge of Balance (not done), The Absent Scholar (not done)
> Brother Island: Just Recompense (partial support, missing steps), The Cover of Night (complete)
> Caverns of Endless Song (This zone is horrible! expect lots of intervention): Loyal is the Heart (complete), Leave No Brother Behind (complete), Two Sides of the Shield (Complete)
> Degmar, the Lost Castle: The Sacred Profaned (complete), Castle Crashers (faction grind, complete) Castle Relic (complete), Crying for the Dead (done), Burden of the Past (not done)
> Thuliasaur Island: An Endless Cycle (complete), To Remake Eden (complete), Fit for the New World (not done)
> Combine Dredge: A Fickle Wind Blows (complete), What Hate Begets (complete), Deep Lies the Snow (not done)
-- SoD --
> Oceangreen Hills (Oceangreen Village): Man the Defenses (complete), No Cure for Death (complete), Familiarity is Key (complete), Stop the Contamination (not done)
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Latest updates

  1. v0.0.4: Invis/Ivu click support, basic travel support, SoD initial support, and more

    * Added an experimental travel system for getting to destinations from pok. (Currently working...
  2. Added A Rising Storm (untested), Gathering Clouds (complete), Clearer Skies (complete)

    Added A Rising Storm (untested), Gathering Clouds (complete), Clearer Skies (complete) Supports...
  3. Added Combine Dredge

    Added partial support for combine dredge partisan quests