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What the heck is a RedCent? I don't want a single dirty red cent from you!

Too late, you might already have some. Look in your RedCent Wallet.

What are RedCents for?

To gain Level 2 access without paying. Use RedCents for Level 2 here.

I'm intrigued! How do I get more of these RedCents?

Three ways:

  1. Click the RedCent button below a great post. (Level 2 users only. Earns 1 RedCent each. Limited clicks per day.)
  2. Receive RedCents when someone else clicks the RedCent button on your great post. (Level 1+ users, i.e. everyone can receive. Earns 10 RedCents each time.)
  3. Purchase them. Cheater. (Purchase them on this page by clicking "purchase".)

Level 1 users: Generally if you post a great resource or help people in the Level 1 forums you'll gain RedCents. A good post often earns enough RedCents in a few hours to afford level 2 access.

Level 2 users: Remember to RedCent helpful posts. Authors always appreciate it, and you're rewarded with RedCents too.

What else can I do with RedCents?

Check the RedCent shop! We're always adding goodies.

RedCents are our primary method of rewarding good information. Using them for any other reason defeats their purpose. For example:

Good usage:

  • You reward an original, informative post.
  • You reward someone's very funny post.
  • Someone answers a legitimate question and you reward them.

Bad usage:

  • You give a RedCent because you like their name.
  • You trade RedCents with other users.
  • You give RedCents to people you like, regardless of the post content. 

All RedCent transactions are reviewed by a bored, board admin. It's a thankless job and oftentimes the admin will be overcome with rage. Please only engage in "good usage" to avoid certain doom.