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Unmaintained Fullauto.mac 1.0

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The other day as I was setting my group up to auto grind some levels I figured there had to be a easier way do do this. Not that setting group roles, then targeting pullers, and Main assists and typing /kissassist is that hard. But I decided to make it a little easier. No more forgetting to set group roles and having your puller go out with out being assigned to puller and watch your mercs run out there with him.
This macro uses the BCCMD (MQ2EQBC.exe program) and your autoaccept plugin. And designed to be run with your puller. It will disband your group, end all running macros (other than this one) and re form your group up, then fire off all of your kissassists on the appropriate toon and get you rolling with 1 click. Works great if your 1 grouping a instance with a mage.

Before you get rolling with this, you have to do a little work.
1. make a hotkey for all of your characters that has the following
/plugin mq2eqbc
/bccmd reconnect on
/autoaccept on

2. edit the parts of the macro that take all of your toon names. I added 14 lines for this. Hey, we all have lots of alts, don't judge me! There are 2 spots for tanks, and 12 assists. This allows you to enter all of your toons one time and this macro will invite only the ones you have online. This keeps text file editing to a minimum.

If you have more tanks its ok to put them in the assist parts, I only changed the names in it to keep it easier to keep track of whos where. (lines 25-38 roughly are where you enter all of your guys)
your puller is always the toon who runs this so you don't have to enter them as puller macro takes care of that for you. You just need to add your tank and MA. Usually the same toon, but not always, you could have a tank merc. So on lines 18&19 enter who you picked for these 2 roles, these are the only two lines you have to edit when changing the group memebers, and that only has to be done if your changing out a tank or the MA. If your changing out DPS you don't have to do squat.

I Personally I have my puller, hes set to assist off the MA/tank, Tank assists puller. and the rest of the herd assists the MA so thats how this macro is written. Only enter each toons name once, and never add the pullers name at all.

3. You need a good working autoaccept.ini file with all of your horde into its list of trusted names. There are other threads on this for more detail.

HOWEVER, if you run this macro once, per toon then do a "/auto save" it will add all of the toons you added to the macro to its list of trusted names then save it, cool huh. Then you will never have to mess with that again. SWEET!

4. this is the go phase, once you have your names entered, your MA and Tank input. a good working autoaccept.ini file your pretty much ready to rock. Load all of your herd up along with mq2eqbc.exe, mash that hotkey to connect to BCCMD on every toon. Then hop on over to your puller, and type "/macro fullauto" and your off.

Behind the scenes, yes I set it up to automatically disband, and kill all running macros. This is intentional. I have had my puller go LD making him no longer group leader then things can get a bit wonky. Disbanding the group then re-forming it fixes this. And this macro is fast, your only ungrouped for a few seconds. It will automatically set group roles for you, then fire off all of their kissassists on the correct toon, with the correct switches and who its assisting.

when editing this for your use i would suggest using the notepad++ program

EDIT: Something I forgot to mention, I use kissassist version 7.4 for my puller it messes up less I just renamed that version of that macro to kissassist74.mac but forgot to include it on the original post. you can use this version or just edit the last line and erase the 74 on the end. I also included the new .ini to make your guys auto join the server.:p
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