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Utility Full Auto 2.1

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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test
I have been working on the original macro and made this macro a little slicker and have two versions. This macro will group up your group, set group roles, and fire off Kissassists and get your whole team up and rolling with just 1 macro, no more typing on all of your toons to get them rolling.

As with the old one, you need to have the MQ2EQBC server up and running. Make sure your autoaccept.ini is up to par, all your toons, names and switches set. along with this autoaccept.mac I included below to make your life easy.

I have 2 versions now this one is for a group with a separate puller and tank and the other one is for a kissassist with the pullertank option. Remember no duplicate names, can't have a character entered in the Assist and the tank areas

these are designed to be run by the Puller.

fullauto.mac, lines 7 and 8 enter your tank and main assist, usually the same toon. then enter all of your DPS, healers ect in the Assist area. Let Kissassist control how they operate. You can enter up to 12 it will invite whoever you have online. Keeps you from changing your whole macro up because you swap out some DPS.

FullautoPT.mac This is the one for pullertank, great for a SK! Just enter your DPS in the assist areas (marked NULL by default). Same as before enter all your alts, it will find who's online soon as you run it. No duplicate names and make sure your pullertank isn't listed in the assist area.

MQ2EQBC.ini goes in the main directory of MQ
the macros both go in the macros folder

Edited to change files to support advloot grouproles
First release
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