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Fish Eyes in the Dark 2020-03-27

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I have written a macro to complete Fish Eyes in the Dark 19th Anniversary solo task which will earn you 7 Piles of Bones

The macro stops once the 7 bones have been aquired as those are droppable and can be sold off/given to alts. The bonus is 7% to fishing.

You can alternately combine the 7 bones to create "The bone rod"

Features of this macro.

When started in POK the macro will conduct an inventory check, it verifies you have bait, fishing poles, and cloudy potions. If you do not have these things it will purchase them for you. (300pp~ for a stack of cloudy pots). I recently added support for some AA abilities and are to be expanded on tomorrow.

Once it has aquired all needed materials it will navigate the quest giver and get the task. Then it will depart POK and navigate to each of the zones fishing until the required items are found before moving on.

There ARE see invis mobs in undershore, expect combat.
I have setup to not only react to aggro while traveling, but to remember what weapon you had equipped at the start of the macro and switch from the fishing pole to it if you aren't holding it.

I've added some "dumb" casting for casters that will cast all your detrimental single target spells you have memorized. So if you're a paladin and don't want to sit there and chain stun for example, simply remove the spell gem and it won't be casted. If you are a wizard and want to nuke the mobs then make sure you have a memorized nuke. etc etc.

Fishing - supports Fisherman's companion and Endless worms. No support for anizok's bait depenser at this time. 80ish worms and 5-6 poles on average were used for toons with 0 skill. the macro will buy 10 poles and 200 worms for you.

Returning to turn in the mission. Returning is done on foot, no current support for gate because I have no idea where you are bound. I considered checking for the stein port to pok but on testing navigation runs you into too many things. So i'll have to edit the mesh to add avoidance area's prior to adding that.

This is already coded. I have created all the navigational meshes and will provide a link to the things required to run this macro in it's entirety. Meshes include water elements covering all area's with water for each of the water filled zones so that character navigation primarily occurs on dry land unless crossing the water is required. Nek forest bridge avoidance edited into the mesh due to a "back and forth" issue once on it. Meshes are available for download.

Currently AA invis is supported for Mage, Bard, and Necromancer. Tomorrow I will be adding SK, Wiz, Enc, Rng, Dru, Shm and Bst to the list. as I understand that Nec/SK share Cloak of Shadows, Wiz, Enc, and Mage share Perfected Group/Stand Invises, Rng and druid share Camouflage, BST has Natural Invisibility, and finally Shm has Spirit Walk.

The decision to do the combine at the end will be left to the user. I'm personally going to keep the bones.

many thanks for @Eltai86 for the request and upfront payment to get this going.
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