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Guide EQBC Idiot's Guide


Much of this information is available in the WIKI and Quoted here.

From the wiki:

Allows remote commands via box chat much like mastermind does.
Allows you to control any connected client anywhere (ie. someone in your raid needs to afk for a while: they connect to your server, you remotely load macros and control their toon as needed until they return).
Is mostly compatible with scripts that already support MQ2Irc (replace '/i say' with '/bc').
Offers private chat (and private chat channels) that do not go through EQ servers.
Optional dedicated UI window for chat output.
Input typed in dedicated UI window defaults to private '/bc' chat much like EQ's chat window defaults to /say.
Dedicated UI window supports a configurable keybind for fast private chatting.

To get set up using EQBC

Then you must determine if you would like to run just the Executable server (easy) or set up EQBC as a Windows Service (slightly more involved - See the bottom of this post)

If you are only running all toons on 1 PC.
It as simple as starting up the server, MQ2EQBCS.exe is in your root MQ2 folder. Double click it to start the server

Then load the plugin on each toon /plugin mq2eqbc.
Then /bccmd connect
This will connect you to the Default port 2112 as long as you dont have a firewall issue.

Then you will want to

/bccmd set autoconnect on
/bccmd reconnect on
This will connect you to the server every time you login and try to reconnect when you zone if you are not already connected.

Are you using more than 1 PC to box?
If you are running toon on multiple computers you will first need to know your system IP that you wish to run the server on. You only need to run this server on 1 PC everyone will connect to this server.

So in windows XP you will hit the Start Menu > Run > and type "Cmd" without quotes

in the command window you just opened type "ipconfig"

(In windows 7 or Vista you can simply type "Cmd" into the searchbar at the bottom of the windows menu and click the exe it shows you)

You will see and address at the end of the line IPv4 most commonly you will see 192.168.1.XXX or 192.168.0.XXX

This is the address you will need to know.

Once you have that you can go back ingame and type /bccmd connect 192.168.1.XXX 2112

The 2112 is the default port and can be left alone unless you feel the need to change it.

You will want to type the same commands as shown above
/bccmd set autoconnect on
/bccmd reconnect on

Then go to you other PC's and type the same
/bccmd connect 192.168.1.XXX 2112
/bccmd set autoconnect on
/bccmd reconnect on

If this does not connect check your firewall that you are allowing connections for EQBC

If it still does not connect from the other PC's you will have to get access to your Router and find the tab called "Port forwarding" This will have several fields to fill in.

Gaining access to this would be going to your browser and typing in the gateway to your router, usually or - refer back to the ip address you pulled from ipconfig and just change the last number to a 1
The password and login are usually default @ Admin or Administrator for both.

The description field is purely for your information
The IP field you will fill in the IP for the PC you are running the Server on
the Port field will be for the 2112 unless you changed it.
Then click the TCP box some routers actup and may need the UDP box checked to but it really shouldnt need to be.

Once filled in your router may need a reboot.

Once back up you should be able to connect to your sever via the /bccmd connect 192.168.X.XXX 2112.

Now there are also options to set up a password which can be easily set in the MQ2EQBC.ini

This password would be put in at the end of the string "/bccmd connect 192.168.X.XXX 2112 passwordhere"

Go here and install the kit

Setting up EQBCS as a Windows Service
EQBCS as a Windows Service

Open up a command prompt and run the following to install a service stub (default install location used in this example):
You may substitute "EQBC Service" with whatever name you would like to give to the service for display purposes

"C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\instsrv.exe" "EQBC Service"

"C:\Program Files\Windows Resource Kits\Tools\srvany.exe"

Run regedit to edit the Windows registry, and navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\EQBC Service

From the Edit menu, select New, select Key, and name the new key Parameters
Highlight the Parameters key

From the Edit menu, select New, select String Value, and name the new value Application

From the Edit menu, select Modify, and type in the full path name and application name of EQBCS, including the drive letter and file extension. You would use the following example if you had the server located in folder MQ2 on your C: drive
Now go to Start and Run and type in services.msc

From here scroll down to EQBC Service (or whatever name you gave the service above), right-click and select Properties

On the General tab, change the Startup type to Automatic
Click the Start button to start your service

Select the Recovery tab, and you have the option of changing the drop-down boxes for First-Failure and so on to Restart the service

Select OK and you are finished

Please feel free to add anything I missed here and I will update the post.

General Commands
Directly from the wiki with minor formatting:

/bc your text here
Send "your text here" to the server.

/bct ToonName your text here
Send "your text here" to ToonName

/bct ToonName //command
Send /command to ToonName

/bca //command
Send /command to all connected clients, excluding the client you issued the command from.

/bcaa //command
Send /command to all connected clients, including the client you issued the command from.

/bcfont #
Sets the font size of the UI window, similar to the /mqfont command

Minimizes the UI window, similar to the /mqmin command

Clears the buffer of the UI window, similar to the /mqclear command

/bccmd quit
Disconnects from the server

/bccmd help
Show Help

/bccmd status
Show if connected or not

/bccmd reconnect
Close the current connection and connect again

/bccmd names
List everyone that is connected to the server

/bccmd colordump
Show color codes

/bccmd set reconnectsecs #
Set the number of seconds to wait until reconnecting (default 15)

/bccmd stopreconnect
Stop trying to reconnect for now

/bccmd channels <channel list>
Set the list of channels to receive tells from.

/bccmd version
Show plugin version

/bccmd toggle option
/bccmd set option < on | off >
Toggle or set option on or off. Valid options:

Just giving some props to another similar thread helping people get set up HERE
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