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Utility DumpsterDive.mac v1.8

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1. Drawthow pointed out some issues with the buyall function, which I'd never touched since Sym wrote it. DBG added a new column to the vendors at some point and it was pulling information from the wrong column. I fixed that, and through a bunch of testing by myself and Drawthow I think that I managed to track down a few hiccups in the vendor buy routine for both functions, which now appear to be reading and purchasing correctly. I also streamlined, repaired, and accelerated a few subs with additional checks, and debug code.

2. A renewed warning if using buyall, it will buy every single tradeskill flagged item (below the defined max value you pass to the command, ie: /dive buyall 1 will buy everything 1plat or less) sold to a vendor by players. This includes tradeskill items bought from one vendor and sold to another. It will not Currently buy non-stackable tradeskill items, due to space constraint concerns. If you want it to buy non-stackable as well, then go to line 416 and remove this piece:

&& ${Merchant.Item[${b}].Stackable}

from the if check.

3. If running for the first time, start with low value items of say 1 plat or less and see if it's buying as you'd expect, and not grabbing garbage it's not supposed to, just in case I messed up my functions still.

4. I cannot include a basic ini file due to how the new updater works, as it would over-write any that you already have, deleting previous data, but I'll put it into the discussion portion to be downloadable.
-Should be able to add merchants to the ini file with the /dive merchant and /dive merchant2 commands again.
A Few adjustments:

Added a few tweaks to fix some unintended actions
Streamlined a couple of functions to work better, and send fewer unnecessary messages
Added a stand off distance based on Brainiac's changes to MQ2Nav so that you won't stand in the middle of the merchant when trying to buy
-This will require that you're using the newest version of MQ2Nav (1.3.0 or newer, included in VV as of this posting) and a valid mesh

Re-defined the sort order of the PoK merchants to minimize/remove a couple of nav hang-ups in the prior version due to pathing

Added PoT merchants, Entry-way of the Bazaar, and while not nav-friendly the Guild Lobby Merchants as well.
-The Bazaar Merchants in the Red/Blue areas are still problematic from a nav standpoint, and running this while in either area will cause nav failures going back to the main entryway to the Bazaar as well.

Added some additional debugging code, and comments

Known issues remaining:

Levitation effects can cause environment collisions that will stop this from working right, as you get caught in the geometry
-Was uncertain if it would be well received by users to auto-remove those so have not added it at this time
Both Gnomes and Ogres can have environment issues and vendor distance issues, I've not found a decent fix as yet, but I'm playing with hold off distance changes based on character race which may fix the problems. Meshes in some zones may still need to be fixed to provide clearance from low hanging objects, or those sticking up from the floor, but that is a user needed modification, or else you will need to monitor activities while it's running to un-stick them while they're naving and get hung up.
Nav meshes based on default settings will work 99% of the time, but there are still a couple of vendors that occasionally cause problems due to location
Multiple vendors of the same name in a zone (ie: Guild Lobby) can't be handled as yet, you will need to move close to each one and run the mac once for each to make this work as the current work-around
Adding the same merchant more than once to a list, or adding it to both the primary and secondary header is currently allowed, and will make your toon visit that merchant once for each occurrence
If your buy list becomes exceptionally long then it will truncate after 2048 characters. functionality to control this has not been included yet.
Sym no longer plays he says, so I took it upon myself to do some tweaking:

  • Added functionality for longer vendor lists. PoK has 202 vendors currently, and the list is longer than the mac could handle. I've added an alteration to the ini that allows you to break the list into 2 pieces which the mac can now sequence through as it checks the vendors in the list, and an error drop out if you make your list too long.
  • Included a somewhat path optimized vendor list for PoK, that currently will search all of the vendors for Spiderling silk and buy it if they have any of them.
  • Added a debug mode.
  • Added a short randomized pause in the search and buy command to make it slightly less bot-like in appearance to an outside observer. This does make it take longer to run, at 1-6 seconds longer for each vendor.
Potential known issues as yet: There are 4 vendors inside stalls that currently cause this mac some issues with mq2nav in it's current iteration when using a default mesh for PoK, AFK running isn't advisable, and these mesh issues will stop the mac from completing in at least two cases I know of with Darius and Perlas near the bazaar entrance. Manual movement of your character is needed to get them unstuck, or a modified mesh will need to be used until I can implement adjustments with the newest mq2nav changes.

TODO: I need to add Brainiac's modifications to NAV to the mac to have them stand off from the merchant when buying. This will also make it look more natural. And fix the merchant search priority for the guild lobby and (?) zones when more than one merchant have the same name. Currently in the guild lobby you'll have to run the mac twice, once while standing near each vendor on east/west sides.

Please let me know if something doesn't work right for you, and I'll see what I can figure out.
Kaen01 -
fixed the bind command stuff that made it not work.

updated some navigation stuff, now its nice.