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Utility DBBuy.mac (Only works on MQNext) 1

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Use at your own RISK! This automatically consumes DBC so, yea

This only works with MQNext

If you have never entered your ZipCode you will need to do that manually (one time thing)

/mac DBBuy "categoryname" "itemname"

Category is the selection window in the lower right hand corner of the marketplace window, Item name is the literally (exact) item name in the market place. Once started the macro finds the category and then the itemname, if it gets a match it will purchase the item and then verify that it got the item in your inventory (waits a few seconds due to marketplace lag). If you already had the item it creates a count to make sure you now have more of that item than you did before. It reports back using EQBCS but if folks really care I can add DanNet too (more folks in my guild use EQBCS still so I went that way).

This is a simple macro I hammered out with some help from the RG developers working on MQNext (some Window TLO updates were required to get it working). I play a lot of toons so it lets me mass buy bags, potions or whatever!
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