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Utility CollectibleHouse.mac 2021-01-10

Server Type
Live, Test Server
This macro will go through each item in your housing and try to pull it out. Inspect the item and if the "Not Collected" tag is present, will consume one, then put the rest back.

- Stand in plot (don't have to go inside)
- Click on border wall, and select "items"
- /mac collectiblehouse
- wait

It's recommended that the player you're using not do anything else while it's running to avoid any issues.
This will not consume items already on your person, or place items into the housing already on your person when the macro started.

This is an as-is macro, if someone wants to make improvements. Let me know and we can assign you the resource owner.

I've had this for a while and thought I had already shared it, but a search didn't find anything. So here it is (again?)
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