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Recent content by yamuath

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    News - James H Foster II (TreeHuginDruid) 1973-2019

    My condolences to your family TreeHuggingDruid. you helped many people over the years here and will be missed by us all. Rest in piece .
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    Discussion - Changes to Invis on test

    No i dont believe so. guess i just missed the change and wasnt paying attention.
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    Discussion - Changes to Invis on test

    Not sure if anyone is aware. but apparently there has been changes made to invis on test that no longer allows the stacking of invis and invis vs undead. I looked but couldnt see anything in the recent patch notes, though i may have missed it.
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    Question - Baz Macro

    thanks. I was just curious as i had three different characters buying stuff almost instantly.
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    Question - Baz Macro

    Hello all. Is there a macro to automatically purchase things from a trader ?. i ask because i set a trader up and in less then a second a toon started buying certain things even items i just added on.
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    Plugin - MQ2NetBots

    I use the one launched from the macroquest icon, installed it as a servce and it works beautifully
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    Bans - Your account has been banned...

    Hi all. looking for advice on if i should appeal a ban or not. i had 10 accounts banned, 1 was 105 zerker, a level 90 something ranger and the rest were heroic toons that had not been played at all besides being mules for test copying stuff. no toon had been played afk, i did buy a raid copy on...
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    Serious - Merry Christmas to my RedGuides Family

    Merry Christmas everyone hope your day is as great as this community. Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
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    Question - Playing on Live and Test at the same time?

    ive done it before, have fun and glad i could help
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    Question - Playing on Live and Test at the same time?

    you dont need to run a virtual box, you can run both MQ2live and the test version by making a small change to mq2ini in the test install. change MacroQuestWinClassName=__MacroQuestTray this to MacroQuestWinClassName=__MacroQuestTrayTest and you can run both installs at the same time, you will...
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    Patch - Auto-grant AA

    I haven't seen this posted. Auto-grant AA has been increased even tho TDS hasn't been unlocked for FTP.
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    Funny - that sad moment when all servers come up but the one YOU play on

    Im with you there Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
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    Question - meaning of 8/8

    ah ok, cheers for that eqmule
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    Question - meaning of 8/8

    ive recently moved from test to a live server and without much of an economy on test im stumped as to the meaning of what 8/8 means when people are selling items, must admit i feel a bit dumb having to ask.
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    Problem - Melee characters losing sync

    thanks, was pretty sure it wasnt kiss as ive never really had a problem with, just thought i was going crazy trying to figure it out