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Resource Rules and Guidelines

All resources listed on RedGuides must adhere to the policies laid out below. Serious or repeated violations may lead to account restrictions.
Please check these policies from time to time as they may change. You are responsible for ensuring that your resources do not violate any of these policies.
All of these policies should be considered in addition to our standard Terms and Rules.

Resource Listing Rules

  1. The title of your resource listing must reflect the title of the underlying content accurately.
  2. Plugin resource titles must begin with "MQ2" and contain only a name thereafter, e.g. "MQ2Nav". Other resource types do not have this rule.
  3. The title of your resource listing must not include unnecessary promotional language (such as indicating a temporary sale).
  4. Any price listed for your resource must accurately reflect the price paid, no hidden "fees".
  5. Official Servers: No active hacks including but not limited to warping, zoning, speed hacking, or duping. (note: These can be posted for servers that allow them, such as emulated servers.)
  6. Official Servers: Please keep any automation focused on assisting/boxing with the user attending at least one character.
  7. Executable code cannot be downloaded by your software unless explicitly requested by the user.
  8. If installation or use depends on an external server, this must be clearly declared in your resource description.
  9. Paid resources that are exclusive to RedGuides carry a 0% transaction fee, and payments are handled by the author. Resources that are not exclusive carry a 30% fee, payments will be handled by RedGuides, and payouts are on the first of the month.
  10. User's privacy must be respected. If a call is made to an external server at any time by your resource, the information that is being submitted and when it will be submitted must be clearly listed in your resource description. This includes but is not limited to: character, guild, and server names.
  11. Resources must be maintained to a reasonable standard as determined by users of the resource. If the author is no longer responding and/or the resource contains serious issues that go unaddressed, it may be removed from sale, removed altogether, marked "unmaintained" or any combination thereof.
  12. Reviews may be removed if they break another rule, or if the author of the review requests removal. In all other cases they should remain untouched, and staff will not assist in their removal.

Resource File Guidelines

We recommend all authors .zip their work. The updater can handle single-file macros and plugins that are not zipped, but **multi-file projects must be zipped**.

To keep things easy on the mods and our server, please just zip everything.

For example,

Macros treat the "Macros" folder as root. If you want to release your macro to the Macros folder, here's how you'd structure the .zip:

  • macro.mac

In this example, users would start your macro by typing, "/mac macro"

If you want to release your macro to a subfolder of Macros, this is how you'd structure your zip:

  • MyMacroSubFolder
    • macro.mac
    • macro.inc
    • macro.ini.default

In this example, users would start your macro by typing, "/mac mymacrosubfolder/macro"

Plugins treat the MacroQuest2.exe folder as their root folder. If you want to release your plugin to the root folder, here's how you'd structure the .zip:

  • mq2plugin.dll

In this example, users would start your plugin by typing, "/plugin mq2plugin"

If you're comfortable with your plugin source being open, please submit it to the Very Vanilla git repository ( https://gitlab.com/redguides/VeryVanilla ) by creating a new branch and submitting a merge request (aka pull request). You may only include one plugin per merge request. If you'd prefer your source be kept private, contact @Redbot.