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Thread: Using the Patchme command to bypass the SOE Launcher

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    Using the Patchme command to bypass the SOE Launcher

    The following instructions will help you set up Everquest to Run with MacroQuest2

    Using the Patchme command to bypass the SOE Launcher

    1. Use the SOE Launcher to make sure your EverQuest is fully Patched.

    2. Shut down EQ and the SOE Launcher.

    3. Find your eqgame.exe in your EverQuest folder on your hard drive.

    Name:  Patchme eqgame.jpg
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    4. Create a shortcut of your eqgame.exe from your EverQuest folder.
    Right click on your eqgame.exe and Select Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)

    Name:  patchme create shortcut.jpg
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    5. Right click the shortcut and select properties

    Name:  patchme properties.jpg
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    6. Click on the Shortcut tab.
    In the Target window after the eqgame.exe" hit the spacebar then type patchme

    Name:  patchme.jpg
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    7. Click the Apply button then OK the button

    Example of how to login into a specific account IE bob with the /login:Name command - Thanks Goldmund
    Change bob to your account name.
    "C:\Program Files\Everquest\eqgame.exe" patchme  /login:bob
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