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Guide - Using the Patchme command to bypass the SOE Launcher (1 Viewer)


old and salty
Sep 28, 2005
The following instructions will help you set up Everquest to Run with MacroQuest2

Using the Patchme command to bypass the SOE Launcher

1. Use the SOE Launcher to make sure your EverQuest is fully Patched.

2. Shut down EQ and the SOE Launcher.

3. Find your eqgame.exe in your EverQuest folder on your hard drive.

Patchme eqgame.jpg

4. Create a shortcut of your eqgame.exe from your EverQuest folder.
Right click on your eqgame.exe and Select Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)

patchme create shortcut.jpg

5. Right click the shortcut and select properties

patchme properties.jpg

6. Click on the Shortcut tab.
In the Target window after the eqgame.exe" hit the spacebar then type patchme


7. Click the Apply button then OK the button

Example of how to login into a specific account IE bob with the /login:Name command - Thanks Goldmund
Change bob to your account name.
Rich (BB code):
"C:\Program Files\Everquest\eqgame.exe" patchme  /login:bob
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As far as Necro posts go - this one wasnt a bad one. The original post and content is still valid...and it was a valid question. Its not like someone posted a question in 2012 like "What should my 6th toon be??" and only now just answering it.
has anyone ever figured out a way to send the password as well without mq2autologin?
You can use Autohotkey to send the password.
Send, %eqPassword%
Send {Enter}
eqPassword is a predefine password you hardcode into a script. I have all mine to autoload on starting up my computers (put a shortcut to the file in shell:startup folder).

I use sleep commands to just make sure its up and running... assuming you dont want the injection software which is why you were asking about how to do it outside of MQ. if you could read the memory when you would find the flag for the login screen and then make it enter it, but that requires a lot more then i could justify being worth the time. I also set my computers to turn on 10 minutes before im usually home with windows settings for auto wait.

Forgot to mention too that you can just keep sending "enter" commands to the screen to autologin your characters. Only works for last used character.
Guide - Using the Patchme command to bypass the SOE Launcher

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