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Discussion - What zone has the worst pathing? (2 Viewers)

Sep 15, 2023
Recently went to Tempest Temple, and reading allakhazam they said the pathing was abysmal. I didn't quite understand just how bad until I wiped my team 2x. It's doable, yes, but fun, no not really. Another awful one is the spider room in Bloodmoon Keep.

What zones do you absolutely hate for catastrophic mob pathing?
Oct 24, 2020
Some of the LDON's, The Underquarry, Resplendent Temple or any zone that has swirling paths that go up or down where mobs take short cuts to get you
I am never successful running LDoN with the way pathing is. I suppose because it's instanced? But it works mainly until there is uneven ground
Nov 12, 2016
TOFS in TOV sucked cause of the ice in the center room on floor 1, moving around there was a pain if you didnt have a pet class to try and pet pull.

PoI is pretty awful for pulling PL trains, I've avoided that zone because of that reason.

MG last night I pulled a blob in the metal slime room from the top of the ramp and he warped to the second or third floor and brought friends that proceeded to warp on me.

Dulak back in the day you could strafe near a spot by the entrance and force mobs to run back and forth, was a good headshot spot back before vinelash.

I forget exactly where it was, I think it was lost gnomes instance but I used to run the barrier of the wall and my train of drachnids would warp behind me so it was pretty easy to gather them all up.

I seem to remember a similar warping bug in luclin where if i could sick my pet on something, it aggroed and if I sat against a wall the mob would warp to me and avoid multi pulls... this was back in the day when pets didn't have their own aggroe like today.


budget duke nukem
Jun 11, 2017
Find pathing in Halas is the best.


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