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Discussion - What is your most iconic memory of EverQuest? (1 Viewer)

Oh ya, I killed the bride in a EQ wedding once. I was alone as my friend refused to be a part of it. I was about 15 or 16 at the time. It's called Everquest - Wedding Crasher on YouTube. I found it hilarious at the time, I still think it's slightly funny at 35 years old.
That's pretty funny, but if anyone goes to watch this video, I'd either watch it in 2x speed or skip to 2:10 to just see it happen.

Why would they have the wedding in the arena of all places? 😂
Original game, may 1999. I managed to level my first character, an erudite necro, to level 4 in the terrifying Toxxulia Forrest. Proud as a puppy, I figured I was ready to explore the wide world out there, so I sneaked my way through Erudin (necros were killed on sight in their own starting city!) and I made it to the docks, just on time to jump on the boat to Antonica...

As I was sailing across Erud's Crossing, the sun set in the horizon and it was gorgeous. The game felt so HUGE and vibrant and alive! It was there and then that I knew I was hooked on EQ! I remember thinking: "Boy oh boy, this game is going to be a hell of a ride...". And sure it was, for many years to come :)
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Discussion - What is your most iconic memory of EverQuest?

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