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Question - What is the funniest way you've told someone their MQ is showing? (1 Viewer)

Jan 26, 2023
We've all dropped our MQ pants at one point or another, and shown the world more than we would've liked to. :ohdear:
Maybe its as simple as forgetting the slash and sending travelto poknowledge to your guild or even worse general.
The big nightmare is if you write your own macros or Lua, maybe you had a bug that was spamming say with eyes only information. Terrifying if its you, hilarious if its a stranger.
Since our community recognizes these commands immediately, I would like to think we might send a friendly tell letting the person know Hey, your naughty bits are in Guild.
That is my simple, but real life example, a guildie put travelto poknowledge in guild chat, and my tell to them was Hey, your naughty bits are in Guild..
Their reply was a delayed and sheepish ty.
So I've set the bar very low, if yours is funnier, then tell us about it.
Double points for screenshots! (But please censor all toon names).
When a GM told me 'Why did you campfire back to me?' After I just had auto-said 'AFK BRB and gated to PoK. UGH..
Edit: oops I forgot, this was during a fight...so I died upon autocampfire back, and then blackscreened to a nice 7 day... ha. Death and Suspend.. felt nice. Plus I was there to see the whole thing but was not quick enough to do anything about the events.
Not as bad as some others above but zoned from the gl to PoK and being lazy typed /nav spawn NPCname and it went into say right next to everyone standing there....DOH
ive been pretty lucky and had no mishaps that i know of, but i did notice a someone who had left something running in lobby before at which point i did send a /tell to check is guy out in lobby, to be met with abuse, accusations etc from said person around 30mins later. this guy was in my guild, and it was at that point i told myself i would never help out someone anymore with things like that, let them hang themselves
Yesterday I typed "/dgae /mac run" to get to ew in the MQ window in order to help a guildie with the heroes of tov and got stressed when my rogue kept spamming the magus at the lobby repeatedly, as I forgot to push "visible" before issuing the command. So the rogue had SOS active and the magus ignored him. I got stressed and "/camp desktop fast" on my rogue and didn't log back in for a while.

Reminded me to be more careful about what I am doing.
So far it seems no nasty player took notice.
I dont really remember the command i sended to guildchat but 1 day after it a officer writed me saying that he searched for the command and it was from mq2 so the guild council voted and decided to remove me.

Of course there was a lot of officers etc... using mq2 farming with 6chars for tonos of hours etc but was my fault so nothing more to do hehe.

Finally i decided to use my own chat channel so i nevera had that problem again.

Was really bad because im from EU and then i decided to move from AB to Fv where i never raided again from 2022, but at least i get rich farming kronos hehe
Question - What is the funniest way you've told someone their MQ is showing?

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