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IRL - What brings me back to EQ (1 Viewer)

Dec 28, 2019
I know it's been a while, but this is what always brings me back to EQ... Was watching the tube tonight with the wife and this scene came on.

Memories and tears... wife asked if I was ok... I feel like only people that play EQ can understand,

I literally just downloaded EQ yesterday after leaving in 2009 lol ... my old toons are still there! but as stated above live is … lol so guess I need to learn how to make my own group lol
I have have got mq2 and ISBoxer loaded with auto login setup and my screen setup sorted. Created my first macro lol assist the tank! all going well so far! There will now be 12 players in that zone, assuming your on Antonius!
I know that feeling; used to quad kite on my wiz and once in a while, I'd accidentally snare myself if mobs got too close by the time the cast finished. Wiz tanking never worked out. Gandalf should have rooted and run.
what is the ISBoxer use case ? it is prolly not needed. window hotkeys can be handled with MQ and Autologin
I personally use ISboxer to watch all my boxes with the multi display configuration. I find it nicer than feeling like I can't see what is going on with my other characters at any given time.
I played from the very beginning when servers were full and finding groups was insane purely from having so many people. I get nostalgic and log in on occasion just so I can run the old zones or max out my character. There's a weird comfort even if it's not at all like it used to be. I don't mind boxing, I don't mind grouping but I've found my patience has depleted mostly because I'm tired of seeing people exploit the crap out of everything. All in all, I am glad that I have the ability to come back, I love that it's still here. Not many games can say the same.
I shouted LFG. I entered a zone and typed / command and it said, there 1 player in current zone..
So, after back to EQ, this is what brings me here and now there are 6 players in current zone…
This is why, in my current fit of "ready to come back" nostalgia, I red-cented for 3 months of level 2 access here.

If I return to EQ, the folks around here will be guiding my 6 box efforts, because outside of the latest xpac or the one right before it, the "there is 1 player in the zone" reality is legit.

My last playthrough, the only time I ever had any fun was when a guildie 6 boxer dropped one of their boxes and carried me in their box grind. That sent a very clear message to how I need to play EQ.
IRL - What brings me back to EQ

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