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Question - What are your windows and chat filters? (1 Viewer)

Dec 2, 2019
Just curious what everyone runs in their windows. Getting back into the game and realize I have far too many and they each have too much spam in them. What are your main windows with the must-include filters?
Dec 2, 2019
Do you track damage done to you or healing done to you?

This brings up a good point I just thought of. I have a non-primary tab that runs spell resists and random shit like that so audio triggers will fire. If I disable that filter will the audio trigger still trigger? Or does it actually require the text to be output to a (any) window in order for the audio trigger?
May 17, 2015
Basically 4 core windows
* Right = Melee and spell dmg + more tabs for stuff i may want to look at
* Middle = human chat and a rewards tab
* Bottom = things i need to watch + tabs for bullshit i may want to look at
* mqnext console.... not shown but I use Ctrl ` for it to show/hide, i dont always leave it up but it floats and i put it wherever is not in the way for what i am doing, often over the bottom chat

Right hand side window is all MY MELEE (mhit) and DD+DOTS... the other tabs isspam i filtered out i may want to look at
This was the original eq combat tab made to a new window

Middle window is all human chat (SOCIAL) + rewards xp, randoms, loot (REWARDS)

Bottom, its important you start with the default EQ's "MAIN CHAT" then make more tabs to filter things out that are irrelevant
The MAIN CHAT mainly has /say spam (cuz GM bullshit) and my casting /resists/worn off+ any raid event message stuff
This tab is basically like EQ info that you want to be able to watch

tabs at bottom...
other casts
other spell damage and heal damage
spell emote spam etc...

Aug 12, 2018
I have seen some nice set ups with multiple windows.

I just have 2 windows. One for guild chat, tells, group chat and exp messages. The rest is all filtered to the second window.

I don't have much interest in damages, spell effects etc that others like to track. I usually will leave a group if they start focusing on stats and hammering on them in chat, like "I didn't see you use your disc's" or "my pet did more damage than you" Whatever. The mob is dead and I figure that's what we all wanted as the end result 😁

But I totally understand why others want to see that info.

No matter how many windows you run you should always set up your time stamps like in the pictures above.
Question - What are your windows and chat filters?

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