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IRL - Wanting to start back up. (1 Viewer)

Jan 5, 2016
Hello all!

Been playing on mischief and having a good time with that and with PoP dropping tomorrow ill be playing on there pretty steadily.

But ive been playing on FV on a ranger and been having a blast with it. Only 52 and it kind of makes me want start back up a whole group and play on CT where i left off at halfway through the year.

I had a pretty solid group going, Sk, Shm, cleric, Zerker, bard and X. Usually a ranger sometimes a rogue or another zerker, had a bunch of alts id sub in just to get levels or gear from OT/FM. Im thinking of wanting to try and sub in a warrior for SK and maybe run cleric, Beast, Ranger, Enchanter, Wiz/Mage/Nec, looking like Wiz/mage atm. Other than levels and and some other pieces from velious i havent commited aton of resources to anyones epic yet. Only downfall would be starting the tank at 85 but im sure it wouldnt take too long to catch him back up.

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