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Question - that combine would result in a LORE item (1 Viewer)

Oct 22, 2010
Use the find item button in bottom right of Inventory screen.


It'll show you where it's at. Whether it be in bank, in inventory, or even in a piece of equipment in either.
Jul 22, 2018
Yes, lore groups on augs are a thing now. Unfortunately, this isn't always reflected on allas/EQR with 100% accuracy.
What if you already have both on a toon before the change?
I think the augs came that way on TOV release, so I'm not sure how a character could have acquired both. If you were actually able to acquire both, and the lore group tag was added post-release, then you'll likely be okay as long as you don't unequip them. The lore code will kick in if you try to move them around.

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