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Question - tank? and... (1 Viewer)

Jan 26, 2020
A few questions here.

1. How do I make my warrior switch targets to get aggro? When I pull with my monk and bring more than one MOB into the camp my warrior tank will only attack one letting the rest beat on my monk and cleric. I need to make it so my tank picks up aggro on all mobs brought into camp.

2. when I set my monk to be puller how do I make him bring mobs into camp and FD them onto the tank?

3. My rogue seems to not be backstabbing. I have to /mac end and restart kissassist in hopes he will start backstabbing sometimes it works sometimes it won't

4. when I tried to set my warrior as =PullerTank when I launch kissassist I get an error

Any help on these would be great

Jul 9, 2018
You'll need to show us your .ini file(s) to get help. IMO try separate threads in the KA ini library help area.
Taking a guess at your tank, you will want to look at these settings:

CampRadius30Any #Determines how far your characters interact based on your initial camp spot. This value should be less than MeleeDistance. See MeleeDistance in the Melee section for more information.
TargetSwitchingOn00/10=Off/1=On - This allows the MA to manually switch targets. TargetSwitchingON can only be turned on if your the MA, It is ignored for any other character/role.

Your mob has to be in the camp radius for tank to engage, otherwise he'll ignore it/them. If Target switching isn't turned on, I believe the tank will also ignore anything other than its initial target until it's dead.
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Its in that place where I put that thing that time
Jun 20, 2017
for WAR aggro on multipulls
you can set this up in AE settings -

[AE] Settings[edit]​

Area effect settings for spells & abilities

SettingsDefaultValues/ModsWhat this setting does
AEOn00/10=Off/1=On - Toggles AE on and off.
AESize10Number of AE ini entries. Similar to DPSSize.
AERadius50Any #Radius around character to detect mobs.
AE1-10NULLSpell/AA/Disc/Item|Min#Mobs|TargetFlagWhat to cast|Min Number of mobs in radius to activate|TargetFlag - Mob, MA, Me, Pet, Single are valid targets flags. Example: AE1=Explosion of Spite|2|Mob
Single - Use an AE ability if there is only 1 mob in camp. Example: AE1=Rain of Jerikor|1|single
Note: Using the Single tag will also override the check for aggroing additional mobs in AE range. So use with caution.

this is from sic's 120 war ini
AE1=Wade Into Battle|3
AE2=Warlord's Fury|3
AE3=Area Taunt|3
AE4=Projection of Fury|1
AE5=Warlord's Tenacity|3
AE6=Warlord's Fury|3
AE7=Roar of Challenge|1
AE8=Confluent Expanse|3

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