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Tech - System Upgrade Post DX Upgrade (1 Viewer)

Jul 17, 2019
So I’ve been debating a return since the DX upgrade. My main pc is fine to run quite a few accounts. I run a secondary for a seperate main group. given where pc building is at, I’m a bit unsure on direction. I’m also not sure what the DX upgrade has changed.

Am I crazy to think https://www.hp.com/us-en/shop/Confi...trd-us-custom-tracking&sv_affiliate_id=103504

That the above HP prebuilt with 32 gig Ram, Ryzen 7 8core, and a 6gb video card isn’t a cheap but effective build? Just wanting to run 6 solids on this pc.
Aug 12, 2018
I have yet to find any correlation between why some units work and others don't. I have seen players posting with the most overpowered units out there and are having issues, others with simple skimpy pc get by just fine.

If there were a guaranteed unit that works then players would snatch that up in no time
Tech - System Upgrade Post DX Upgrade

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