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Fabulous - Some EQ art to enjoy. (1 Viewer)

Nov 29, 2017
Was fooling around and did some AI stuff thats hopefully more In game look than a lot of the AI stuff normally does. Add if you wish. Love to see it, point is to try to make it look like EQ as much as possible though. I tried a few that could not or would not make a DarkElf with blue skin...just kept making pink toned. Grr... Got one to give me a nice Inky girl that 'looks' like EQ version. I like Vallejo style va-va-voom hot battle babes... but in-game EQ thats not how we look.....unless a nakey run... mmm.



Thanks @RobRenfro and @Joakhan , appreciate it. I have been working on a Broon, the Cyclops from North Karana. Having a very hard time getting him to look like the EQ one. Some of him looks very realistic, other parts coming out wonky.
Fabulous - Some EQ art to enjoy.

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