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Guide - Setting EQ Window Titles

Feb 19, 2016
bb4 submitted a new resource:

Setting EQ Window Titles - Custom EQ Window Titles

This is very simple, but after what took me way too long to find the info, I figured I'd create a guide for other idiots like me.

Open your MQ Folder -> Release -> Configs. Within your Configs folder, you have 2 cfg files. 1 titled CharSelect and 1 titled zoned.
CharSelect = What your EQ window will say when you are at Character Select.
zoned = What your EQ window will say every time you zone

You can input a wide variety of TLOs into here and have it display information for you.
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Aug 13, 2018
Here are some examples based on what I use:
/SetWinTitle ${Me.Name}.${EverQuest.Server} (Lvl:${Me.Level} ${Me.Class}) (PID: ${EverQuest.PID})
It is put into both CharSelect.cfg and Zoned.cfg, so that the window is updated as soon as I log in, and then every time I zone. The PID is so that I can easily attach the debugger if I'm having a problem toon, without having to echo it, or find it in the process list.

You can also create a hotkey to do:
/loadcfg zoned.cfg
to refresh the title if you leveled and want it up to date, but don't plan to zone out for awhile, you just tap that bad boy, and you're good to go!

Note: As an add to this, if you're using Kissassist, it has it's own definition which will over-write the settings you have in zoned.cfg for instance. If you wish to have more thorough data in your window titlebar like what I gave an example for above, it's very simple to edit your current copy of kissassist.mac, do a search for "setwintitle" and change that line to be what I've put above, or what ever other flags you'd like to include. Save and then the next time you load up KA on your toons they'll use the new title information.
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