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News - Servers are up early (1 Viewer)


Jun 28, 2014
How long does it take for the Red Guides Launcher to also be updated so we can play after a patch? (Sorry, I'm kinda new here.)
The RG compile for MQ happens automatically when it's released (the MQ2 version is a manual process that Redbot has to do). So the MQ one is up as of about 20 minutes ago (from brainiac doing the work).


Warriors are inferior (read: crybaby) tanks
Jul 30, 2006
Maybe that just means that they are working on making the next expansion more exciting and compelling :)
We already know what the next expansion is going to be..... a rehash of old zones with some new fancy shaders that lag everyone the fuck out and mobs that hit like trucks until they're nerfed down to where they probably should have been balanced at in the first place.

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