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News - Servers are once again locked... Dec 20 2021 (1 Viewer)

Nov 21, 2020
I know they like the term but isn't "Emergency Maintenance" a form of an Oxy Moron?
It would seem that way, but I'm guessing the word "maintenance" to them just denotes a functional repair rather than a change in gameplay...that's not to say they won't ever stick in stealth nerfs in such a thing, but I don't think that's happened so far ::knock on woodelf::

Like right now, we need furnace "maintenance" bc our blower doesn't wanna keep blowing without smelling like it's gonna burnout, but really it's a repair on a very well-aged machine lmao, not as old as the furnace in my old house which was used when my dad installed it in the 60s, but I can't be sure of that fact either since this house is over 100yrsold, was previously owned by a bunch thrifty doityerselfers, and all of those owners are now dead so I can't ask. Judging by the wiring in this place, the jerryrigged insulation on the ventwork, and the fact the newest "upgrades" before we bought it were back in the 90s(and the furnace certainly doesn't look new like that stuff) it's quite possible that the thing is also 60+ yrs old. We replaced the water pump a couple years ago and that thing was so old there was zero info available online about it despite being made by a very well-established company known for stuff lasting decade upon decade. Sad thing is, I think our furnace is in better shape than the servers lol
Oct 4, 2005
Dexter series 2 onwards gave me palpitations. I can see this new season doing the same... It must be said that my eldest boy was named after the titular anti-hero and my daughter was named Matilda after Natalie Portman's character in Leon (The Professional)...

Commodore 64 was probably the best gaming computer available at the time! I loved it. In other news, they are releasing a Commodore Amiga 500 mini (in the same vein as the recent mini Segas/ Nintendos/ Ataris etc!

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