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Discussion - Rogues -- Burns / Rotations (1 Viewer)

Aug 24, 2019
Do we have any main Rogues here could give a brief guide of burns and rotations etc? Yes before anybody asks I know we have the MQ2Rogue plugin, but I am looking for raiding information since I don't want to rely on the plugin for raids. I am considering having a rogue as my main since I remember I enjoyed playing one a long time ago. I know zerkers are more dps, but I don't really care about that since I am looking more than just the best dps class lol, I want to enjoy what I am playing as well.
Oct 6, 2005
I suggest going through the AAs and learning them. I posted a 115 rog ini on this site, if you can read and understand that, It may help you as well.


Dec 29, 2017

This probably leads to the same place. But this document is where I start with most classes to get a fair understanding. Then of course I also take time to review the individual abilities and see how I can put them into a rotation based on the situation. It's not going to cover up to 115 that I'm currently aware of, but most of the ability lines haven't really been adjusted with the new expansion, so chances are you'd be able to piece together what abilities are used to replace them.

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