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Question - redcents question (1 Viewer)

Apr 15, 2019
I am still getting used to RG and I've got a lot figured out but a lot to learn.

Ny newbie question of the day is simple. What time of day does the daily Redcents reset? I thought midnight, tried at 2am, tried noon, etc. I can't quite narrow down exactly when you can award the 4x redcents from the prior day.

I've got a lot to learn but eventually I'd like to earn enough for one of the redguides mugs... I built up a few months of premium so far.
Aug 12, 2018
It depends on when you last red cented someone. 24 hours from that exact time. So its different for each person.

For example I try to come each day at say 7 am. Find some good posts and red cent away. The next day if I am 30 minutes past that time then that is the new time - 7:30 am. Eventually it builds up cause I forget or there just aren't any good posts. So that will change my "red cent" time.

I want that mug too!

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