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Question - Playing with my brother (1 Viewer)

Nov 21, 2020
i play multiple manual toons on multiple machines and different tools on others. I also play with my buddy and his set who do NOT use mq, with each of us controlling at least 1 toon in each of 2 groups, and the bulk in 1. There are some things i change because he's more anal than i am, or he pulls or tanks differently , like i wont use my rgmercs on bard because it doesnt act remotely like any real bard ive ever seen and he kept telling me your melody stopped or why arent you using this or that song (things that i always do when i play the bard myself, but hes a much better bard so he notices, i dont) I also dont play with zerkers myself, havent levels mine up yet, but where i have a pair of rogues, he has a pair of zerkers and our 2group lesson burns for the alts mt druid spamscasts heals at him, but i dont feel like finding and fixing her ini or creating conditionals for zerkers til i play with them regularly, and im not about to heal manually with her- if i want dedicated heals without mq, i pop a merc or invite one lol.

Playing with multiple people in the same group really only gets affected by their classes you may not encounter often, or their expertise on a class you have little knowledge or attention for- and in that case it wouldnt matter if its you and your brother and youre open about usage/both using. For recurring events like this you may want to have multiple setups for some toons, or just add some extra conditionals once you see what is and isnt annoying or intrusive. Their presence isnt going to make your group stop working so long as youre not running stuff like posse OR you keep your friendlists etc updated for it, etc. MQ isnt an all or nothing setup. you can use as much or as little as you want, its up to you. Some people even use it to raid, with raid guilds not just their own accounts. Unless your brothers an antiboxing nazi, i wouldnt worry.


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Jul 30, 2006
VV works fine with however many in your group you want to run it on. While conditions can improve your experience, they're not entirely necessary.... we used kissassist.mac to automate our toons for years without conditions and most of our experiences were just fine. Conditions just help you fine-tune how your character reacts to specific situations... it's helpful, but not required.
Oct 31, 2019
It doesn't really matter, how many manual played chars are in the group, nor how many real ppl play those.
Each char controlled with VV behaves based on it's own specification. These are defined by his hole. If you want, they just behave similar like the ingame mercs.
You can as well let them just do the most annoying stuff, like rebuffing short-time ande long-time buffs.


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Jan 29, 2021
it works really well. even for the main your running it will do some things for you. taunt, bash, disarm etc, It takes some time to get things narrowed down but you can pretty much set your toons as you want them to play. Im an old fart and have been making progress over the last 6 weeks. I find myself doing things that i have always done manual boxing figuring out that this can do it all for no effort. it works well solo as well as with other players.
Oct 26, 2020
Definitely take your time and read KissAssist (KA) the guide. I’m 6-8 months in and almost daily i learn so something new. I’ve gotten pretty good with my ini’s...but i’ve got to give CWTN amd SIC kudos on their plugins. Highly recommend their Cleric, Zerk, and the Enchanter (you can try it for free right now in beta) is getting better and better. Tried the shammie during beta and it was pretty awesome...but i prefer cleric for healing.

I still prefer to run my mages vias VV/KA and manual control for burns. I run my my tanks and rangers manually pulling.

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