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Problem - No one auto bags anything (stuck on cursor) , ghost mouse activity.. windows 11? (1 Viewer)

Mar 23, 2019
I never had this issue before and i think it might be related to windows 11. first, non of my toons will auto bag anything on their cursor. mod rods, pet proc on the necro. it will freeze Kissassist until i highlight that window then it will bag. other thing more weird is i get mouse clicks on windows i am not in. i can see it in the hover, the camera will start moving around the char. they will click on a link or click camp. I was doing trade skills and 2 toons just logged. not crashed, logged out to char select. my suspicion is it is a issue with the cursor and windows 11. anyone else having this issue??


May 5, 2016
I haven't seen that - but definitely make sure you have frameliiter setup for your background toons.

are you spreading your toons on multiple monitors or across pcs, anything like that? or purely cursor is doing stuff on the window behind the one you're on?
Oct 22, 2010
Nothing built into Windows 11 would be doing that. Do you run anything like AutoIt, AutoHotKey, or any Keyboard/Mouse macros? Any chance any of these have accidentally been activated? I still work on some Runescape stuff and if I accidentally hit G-13 through G-18 keys on keyboard my EQ will do all sorts of funky stuff in the window I hit it in.

As far as possible malware. A rat wouldn't be used to mess with your game. They wouldn't even connect until it says it's idle. Could be an ad clicker? You have any weird web browsers with no window just an inch long title bar dragged down in the corner by your clock? (Windows Key + TAB, opens window Switcher. You'd see it on there).

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