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Question - New Pc (1 Viewer)

Feb 19, 2018
I will be getting a new PC, how do I save all my crap from EQ as in UI and stuff? I always have to remake them, because I'm an idiot... This is easy, load up and up and go, at least Im assuming that?
Sep 26, 2021
I'm sure there is a better way than mine from those with more knowledge,. but I copy my EQ and RG directories every couple of days. You can clean install them both, then copy over the EQ folder and the RG folder or subfolders like config and you should be good to go. Kind of a blanket way I suppose.

But mainly your RG config folder and anything with your toon name(s) in the eq folder will do.
Nov 8, 2017
Step 1= Get thumbdrive and make a new folder on it.
Step 2= drag and copy EQ folder.
Step 3= drag and copy RG folder.

then you can pull anything you need once you redownload on new PC. This will also serve as a backup for you

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