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Question - Necromancer question (1 Viewer)


"punch, stab, slice, eye gouge, kick, slap" - hdex
May 5, 2016
I Run Necro, Zerker, Bard, SK, Cleric, Shaman and I'm getting basically the same results ABWar is seeing, my Necro and Zerker are almost totally on par with each other, and the winner is just determined by the HP of the mobs I'm fighting.

22 Million HP mobs in ToV and The Zerker is winning by about 10% more DPS - For me an Average fight lasts 25 Seconds
Over 500 fights in Eastern Wastes Zerker is at 393,000 DPS, Necro is at 363,000 DPS

40 Million HP Mobs in CoV and the Necro is winning by about 5% more DPS - For me an Average fight lasts 38 seconds
Over 1,000 fights in Western Wastes I've got the Necro at 394,000 DPS and Zerker at 372,000

Then for Named and Group missions and stuff the Necro consistently wins and by a fair bit.
Over my last 6 Zlandicars you've got Necro at 1,120,000 DPS and Zerker at 956,000

I also have always been a Necro Main, so during a lot of important fights I do manually control the Necro much more than any other.

In terms of just character, my Necro is totally Maxed AA and if Half Velium Threaded/Half Velium Empowered level stuff, the Zerker is about Full Velium Threaded equivalent, but with full HDex augs but he's only at 35k AA, so there's probably a bit of room for better gear and AA

I find though too the utility of the Necro is really important, FDing, Battle Rezing, and the fact the Pet can tank anything if my SK happens to die

What I'm a little surprised at in this thread and wondering if I'm doing something majorly wrong, is my SK is chilling around 180,000 DPS in these fights and I'm seeing above someone posting parses like 634,000 is that normal or what am I doing totally wrong there? Running MQ2Eskay for him
This is more or less my group on zlandi depending on a lucly proc/hit or two
so yeah 180k on your sk is redonk low.


New member
Jan 18, 2021
This is more or less my group on zlandi depending on a lucly proc/hit or two
so yeah 180k on your sk is redonk low.
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Yeah, on my Zlandicar the SK is more like 530,000 but it's on the Trash stuff he's at 180k.

But even that is still 1/3rd yours and my whole group is like 2.2 Million DPS. What is getting you to triple that?
Sep 14, 2020
Yeah, on my Zlandicar the SK is more like 530,000 but it's on the Trash stuff he's at 180k.

But even that is still 1/3rd yours and my whole group is like 2.2 Million DPS. What is getting you to triple that?
I cant speak for Sic but I have a Group SK/SHM/Bard/Zerk/ Zerk/ BST and when I started noticing the huge gain in DPS s when all of them got the Synergy AA maxed . They all work so well together.


Dec 29, 2017
different groups mesh differently with each other than other groups.

Sic talks about givers and takers in some of his class plugin videos.

Bard = giver
Shaman = giver
beastlord is both a giver and taker
berserkers are definitely takers
and Sk's are....Sk's :-) I suppose I'd classify them as takers, with some minor giving

Bard is big in Melee groups due to their aura's/songs/epic giving large boosts to the group specifically overhaste, which is otherwise not an option aside from permanent clicky effect of 8%? or so. Where-as a bard gives 25% overhaste, not to mention their other benefits from the same aura/song. Their epic is on point, and when paired with shaman epic, and shaman dmg proc buffs Dmg++.
Beastlords are good for keeping the group into stamina/mana as well as some fair burst damage. Sic would be able to speak more to their capabilities.

SK get HT, it's a massive burst in their burn routines and makes a fairly large difference in the outcome of your DPS. Using 1h with shield versus 2h would also have a noticeable impact on your DPS overtime, and during burn fights.

People tend to overlook the effectiveness of epic 2.0's for some key classes. It's important to take the time away from grinding to go get those.

For your group:
Zerker - Epics? Are you missing aa's from class/arch/focus tab? if yes, get them.
Bard - Have your epic? Which aura do you keep up? Does the bard provide a decent amount of DPS to the fight? It could effect your overall DPS significantly if Sic's getting 400k+ and you're getting 100kish.
SK - Have your epic?
Cleric - Why two healers? Presumably this is your primary healer.
Shaman - Why two healers? Also, do you have your epic.

Ideal Group makeup - You
Tank - SK
Healer - Cleric?
Crowd Control - Bard?
DPS - Necro
DPS - Zerker
DPS - ?? Shaman ??

by all means, play the group that you enjoy. If you're after a min/max group then I think you may want to reconsider this group makeup to remove either the cleric/shaman and replace with another melee. Alternately, replacing the zerker with another caster, which would make your trio of DPS all casters. An exchange from bard to an enchanter is dealers choice if you opt a caster group.
Oct 27, 2020
I have a follow on question regarding necros...

I am currently levelling up 3 Necros with the end goal of playing them in my own full group on raids to help with caster dps. What other classes should I put around them to both maximize their dps and ensure they are safe and protected?

I play on a TLP for what that's worth.

I have a max'd out SK that I love. And I have a couple max'd out Bards as well. I suspect those two are no-brainers. But do I need a healer? I have a max'd out cleric...but I have no problem sitting him out if something else like a Mage would be a better overall fit.

Thoughts, ideas and input welcome!

Apr 1, 2020
Hi Kak. I also run with three necros. First thing I did was have each one do a different task. One does all the fearing (undead and regular). Second does the slowing and trapping. The third one dots and dps. They all life tap and buffs. I then added an SK (now got 4 skellies) I went with a mage for toys and dps. Shaman for other buffs and heals if needed. This works for me. I have 6 pets fully buffed. I am thinking about changing the mage for an enchanter for crowd control.

Hope this helps

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