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Problem - Mount Disappearing (1 Viewer)

Mar 5, 2016
Hi all,
Whenever I try to summon my Selyrah of Fear Saddle Mount I get the buff "Mount Blessing Beza" but the actual mount doesn't appear (the icon for the mount appears for like 1/4 of a second then it disappears, acting like it was clicked off). Character is a 105 Cleric, I've run Kissassist and RGmercs a few times on it (but not recently and this happens macro or no macro). I'm sure it's something stupid on my side but I just can't seem to figure it out. Appreciate any suggestions!

I have tried scouring google, RG, even the "other side" for a solution to this issue, but I cannot find it.
This is a known bug and should be corrected with Wednesday's patch

- Fixed an issue that caused Selyrah mounts to disappear and their buffs to misbehave.
Problem - Mount Disappearing

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